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Hidalgo, et. al. v. Global K9 Protection Group, LLC

 United States District Court, Northern District Of California |  3:20-cv-02780-VC

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If you were an employee of GLOBAL K9 PROTECTION GROUP, LLC at any time from April 21, 2016 to February 15, 2021, you could receive payments from a proposed class action settlement.

• A proposed class action settlement (“Settlement”) has been reached in this case that resolves a lawsuit alleging that Defendant Global K9 Protection Group, LLC violated Federal and California employment laws.

• The Court handling this case has preliminarily approved the Settlement. However, payments will be made only if the Court grants final approval of the Settlement.

• Defendant denies that it has done anything wrong and argues that it has complied with all laws. Defendant entered into this Settlement only to resolve this lawsuit.

• If the Court approves the Settlement, you would receive four payments over one year. If Global K9 does not make all the payments on time you will be able to keep the money and retain your right to sue.

• IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS AFTER READING THIS NOTICE, PLEASE CALL ATTORNEY RAMSEY HANAFI at (415) 504-3121 and indicate that you are calling about the Global K9 Protection Group, LLC case.


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